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Turismo de Portugal joins the European Union's Pact for Skills



​In March 2022, Turismo de Portugal signed up to the Pact for Skills.

This European Union’s initiative was presented in 2021 during the International Forum - Education, Employment and Training in the Tourism sector, the first event organised by Turismo de Portugal under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The EU’s Pact for Skills is a European Commission’s strategy to establish large-scale partnerships, but also national/regional and local partnerships, for the development of skills at European level. Public and private organisations are invited to join forces and take concrete action to reskill and upskill people in Europe, including in the tourism sector.

The aim of the Pact is to promote joint actions to improve existing skills (reskilling) and training in new skills (upskilling) through a partnership model between public administration, companies and civil society for the development of skills in the EU.

By formally joining, Turismo de Portugal undertakes to respect and support the key principles of the Pact for Skills:
1. Promoting a culture of lifelong learning for all
2. Building strong skills partnerships
3. Monitoring skills supply/demand and anticipating skills needs
4. Combating discrimination and promoting gender equality and equal opportunities.​

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