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Dental clinics can join the Medical Tourism in Portugal project

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​The Health Cluster Portugal's Medical Tourism in Portugal project aims to significantly increase the provision of medical services abroad and to affirm our country as a medical tourism destination of high clinical and technological quality.

With the objective of promoting the national supply in this domain and to reach 100 million euros per year until 2025, the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP), in collaboration with Turismo de Portugal (TdP), the Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal, EPE (Agency for Investment and External Trade of Portugal) (AICEP) and the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitalisation (APHP), created a portal to show the world the clinical and hospital units in Portugal.

Having initially chosen cardiology, dermatology, oncology, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology and orthopaedics as areas to focus on, it is now the turn of dental medicine to join in.

Portugal has a large installed network of clinics and qualified dental professionals, renowned for their commitment and the warm, human way in which they raise the standards of their practice. This allows us to provide international and Portuguese patients with high quality treatments in accordance with the most advanced technological and scientific standards.

Given that most dental treatments allow for outpatient recovery, always under medical supervision and advice, patients will be able to combine healthcare with some tourist activities. The follow-up appointments will also be an excellent reason for the patient to return and continue enjoying the charms of our country.​

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