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Tourism Strategy 2027 (ET2027)

Tourism strategy

​​Tourism Strategy 2027 is the strategic guideline for tourism in Portugal over the next decade and it was created based on a broad and creative participatory process in which the State accepts its responsibility and mobilises its agents and society.

Road map  
​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is based on a long-term vision, combined with short term action, allowing for more strategic action in the present and being part of the future European support framework 2021-2027.

This is a long term shared strategy for tourism in Portugal, with the following goals:

_ Offer a strategic framework to be used as a guideline for national tourism for the next 10 years​
_ Ensure stability and acceptance of commitments regarding the strategic options for national tourism
_ Promote integration of sectoral policies
_ Generate ongoing joint action between the various tourism stakeholders
_ Act with a sense of strategy in the present and in the short/medium term​.

Tourism Strategy 2027 video [PT]​




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