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Lisbon hosts the 2nd United Nations Ocean Conference



Between June 27 and July 1, Lisbon hosts the United Nations Ocean Conference, organized with the support of the Governments of Portugal and Kenya.
Save Our Ocean, Protect Our Future is the motto of the conference that aims to be a call to action for the oceans, a call to leaders around the world and to all relevant sectors to act to reverse the decline in ocean health. Communities, entrepreneurs, governments, citizens, all can commit, aspire more and mobilize partnerships and investment for innovative scientific approaches that contribute to the reduction of maritime pollution and the responsible consumption of ocean resources.
Portugal has a coastline of more than 2,800 km between the mainland and the islands, as well as the third largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the European Union: the Portuguese sea is about 18 times larger than the national land area. Portuguese Natural Parks with an oceanic component are recognized throughout the world. They are certified destinations and where preservation comes first.
The sea is a source of enjoyment and discovery, and currently there is a whole structured offer of leisure activities that allow to enjoy, in a sustainable and profitable way, the sea and the coast throughout the year. An example of this is the 352 beaches awarded the Blue Flag of Europe - 214 of which are considered Accessible Beaches - in addition to the practice of numerous nautical and sports activities, such as surfing.

Turismo de Portugal is associated with this event through the organization of parallel events or as part of the Ocean Conference Program itself. With the initiatives Let's sea: Portugal's true frontiers, Let's Sea: Riding Portuguese Waves​, the obvious need for innovation of the multiple industries linked to the sea and nautical tourism is addressed, in the pursuit of a more sustainable development (social, economically and environmentally).

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