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Turismo de Portugal supports responsible tourism and the work of artisans from all over the country

Responsible tourism


​​​​​With the aim of promoting the development of tourism in a responsible and sustainable way, Turismo de Portugal supports the project "Portugal Manual - Curated Cultural Experiences", which digital platform, now available, presents artisans and artists who, through their projects and experiences, offer places to meet, share and learn. 

It thus makes known those who redesign the novelty in the Portuguese tradition, through routes based on the mapping of the national territory, cataloguing by region, raw material and technique. 

From the North to the South of the country, as well as on the islands of Madeira and the Azores, there are new artisans who recover traditional trades and local raw materials. They create contemporary, personalised and unique pieces, developing small-scale production but using modern technologies, in an entrepreneurial perspective that promotes a sustainable economy. 

The platform is available at  in multimedia support (for desktop and mobile) and in two languages (Portuguese and English). 

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