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Turismo de Portugal launches a new promotion campaign focusing on the Villages and Towns of Portugal

Responsible tourism


​​Turismo de Portugal launched the new tourism promotion campaign "Big in...", as part of the support and economic recovery plan for the areas of the country most affected by this summer's fires.   

The presentation of the new tourism promotion campaign of Turismo de Portugal, that took place in Manteigas, was attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Trade and Services, Rita Marques, and the President of Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo. Aimed at promoting the Villages and Towns of Portugal, this campaign aims to promote a responsible tourism, through the enhancement of the inland region, highlighting the greatness of the attributes of our villages and towns and showing the specificity of the different territories, particularly those most affected by fires, namely Serra da Estrela.

Although small in size, our villages and towns have in abundance some of the attributes that are most valued, such as time, space or authentic flavours.  Under the motto "Small is the new Big", the concept "Big in..." will be communicated in the national market and also in international markets, starting with Spain. The versatility of the campaign allows its appropriation by all entities or people who wish to create and share new themes under the same motto. A digital campaign that will thus be collaborative, participative and inclusive, calling on everyone to put our villages and towns on the map of tourist destinations.

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