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Turismo de Portugal wins awards at the Media Marketing and Advertising Awards 2023

Destination promotion


​​​The 10th edition of the M&P Marketing Awards saw the Close to US campaign winning three Gold awards in the categories of Travel and Tourism, Multimedia | Integrated Campaign, and Influencer Marketing

The "Close to US" campaign, which was launched just before Thanksgiving, was an activation of the VisitPortugal brand. Making the most of the launch of the latest wax figure unveiled at New York’s Madame Tussauds Museum, of Cristiano Ronaldo, the tourism board launched an hour-long takeover of every digital billboard (about 30) in New York’s iconic Times Square. 

Additionally, the brand activation project encompassed the board’s first digital-out-of-home campaign, which was planned and implemented from Portugal and broadcast on the streets of New York.

One hundred and twenty million people saw Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram activation, 620 references to the event were made in the international press, and over 370 million people were impacted.

The M&P Marketing Awards are held by 10-year-old Media & Advertising magazine, which, for the past two years have recognised the best marketing strategies, campaigns, actions, and decisions impacting brands and companies, thus contributing to their notoriety and growth.

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